Book Review: The War of The Worlds

The War of The Worlds by H.G. WellsImage

Pages: 199

Publisher: Penguin Classics

Original published in:  1897

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In one night, there is a shooting star streak across the sky from Mars. A cylinder which contains aliens from the Mars is found on Horsell Common near London. Some naive locals approach the cylinder but they are quickly killed by the heat-ray emits by the Martians. After the Martians get used to the gravity of the Earth, the cylinder transforms into a gigantic killing machines. Meanwhile, more and more cylinders are striking onto the Earth. Martians starts a full invasion on Earth.

My thought:

As I’ve said for a lot of times, it’s an alien invasion story. What so special about it? It’s an alien invasion story from 18th century. It was an era when we barely have any technology. It’s a story which can amuse us nowadays, no wonder it’s a ridiculously creative story at the time it was published. I love the idea.

Let’s talk about the story itself, it’s an exciting story. The plot is not a twisting one but it’s quite intense because just like any other alien invasion story, people died. But of course, except the main character. There is only one main character in most of the time, but the book is too short that Wells didn’t invest much words on his characters which is one of few things that bothers me in this book. It is one of those plot-driven book rather than a character-driven book.

This writing is good enough. The description about the alien machines is precise and sufficient. I’ve read a short biography of H.G. Wells in the introduction section of the book. I found that he’s actually majoring in Biology in university, it’s one big advantage as a science fiction writer. When it comes to describing the alien thing in the book, although most of the things are fictional, he managed to present all the ideas in a reasonable which makes the story sounds very convincing, like something that actually happened in the real world.

4/5 stars. It could have been 5/5 stars but I really hate the ending. It could have ended in a better way. The ending feels like he was in a rush to end the story.

Overall, Wells’s stories are legendary, although I’ve only read one. LOL. He’s such an creative writer, most of his books are innovative. I conclude it by scanning all those titles. I definitely looking forwards to read more books from him.


Book Review: The Hobbit

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

Pages: 514

Publisher: HarperCollins (Pocket Edition)

Original published in: 1937

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It is a story of an adventure. The Dwarves was living in the Lonely mountain and Thror was once hailed as The King under the mountain. But the Smaug hijacked their mountain and killed lots of the dwarves. After all these years, the grandson of Thror, Thorin planned to reclaim the mountain. Gandalf who is a wizard helped him to recruit the final member of their dragon-slaying squad, he chose The Hobbit- Bilbo Baggins. Bilbo Baggins was never a “adventure” person but when this chance has come, he left his home and started the adventure.

My thought:

I didn’t expect I will love this book that muh. Obviouly, most of the people who read it, loves it. But I don’t really have a high hope on this one. After I read the first chapter, it feels like the book has some sort of magic casted on me, I love it!

The setting is great. The writing of Tolkien is unique while it’s really cool to read. He wrote in a concise style, not much words are wasted, every single word counts. I love his writing style

One thing I love about the book while I really hate is that there is way too many dwarves. Until now, I cannot remember the name of every dwarf. However, it’s also athe thing that I really love about the story. I can’t tell you te reason but it just feels like a warm family-kind of characters, I nearly foget it’s a dragon-slaying squad.

My favourite dwarf is Balin. He alwyas has the faith in the Hobbit even when his dwarves company doubt the ability of their burglar. Also, Fili and Kili, I don’t think they deserve this ending. These 3 dwarves gave me the biggest impression.

Of course, I can’t miss our burglar, Bilbo. It’s kind of surprising that he transformed from what he was before the journey into what he is after the journey. That is also one of my favourite thing about the sotry. I think the Hobbit is a story of courage, I just want to go on a journey after reading this one. I feel invincible. But a story is a story, there will be no Gandalf to save our ass in trouble, this book did inspire me to challenge myself more though.

After all, I really love this book. It’s definitely an inspiring story and a very worth reading book.

I look forward to read the Lord of The Rings series and other works by Tolkien.

5/5 stars.