Dracula | Book Review

ImageDracula by Bram Stoker

Pages: 399

Publisher:  Barnes & Noble

First published: 1897

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The story begins with a solicitor called Jonathan Harker who travels to finalize the sale of an abbey in England to the Transylvanian noble Count Dracula. While his visit in the Castle of Dracula, he discovered something bewildering. After seeing quite a lot of weird incidents in the castle, he found that Count Dracula is a centuries-year-old vampire who feeds on blood and sleep by day while active at night. While Jonathan is venturing in the castle in Transylvania, his fiancee Mina also witnessed things that is very bizarre happening on her best friend, Lucy.

My thought:

The narrative style of Dracula is quite unique. The whole book is the collection of journals of the characters in the book. The story, therefore, is told by the journals which the characters recorded their memory throughout the story. It is the first time I read a book which is writing in this style. It really engrossed me a lot. The great thing of this kind of narrative style is that, the author can present the character to the reader quite comprehensively. Therefore, the characters in this book are superbly built up.

However, I think the author didn’t constructing the female characters as great as the male characters. The story is writing in the form of journal, which means that the author also need to write the journals of the female characters. But when I read the journals, to be honest, I can’t really distinguish whether it is the journal of a male of female.

About the characters, I really love Dr. Van Helsing. He is an intelligent guy who always have a thorough plan in his mind. He is analytical guy. Seeing how he analyze the mystery is an enjoyment. Really love him. Also, Quincey Morris is one of my favorite character in this book. He is a brave guy with a wise mind.

Despite of the tiny problem I mentioned, Dracula is a great book to read. The whole story is very very exciting. The plot is thrilling. You can’t really get bored by this book. The pace is optimal. The author really did a great job in controlling the tempo.

Why read it:

(1) Breathtaking plot

(2) Unique Narrative Style

(3) It is a classics, but you will read it swiftly.

(4) Realistic characters

Bad thing in this good book:

(1) Imperfect writing of female journal (very minor)

(2) Ending quite predicable (Of course, it is an old story :p)

5/5 stars. Definite read book !


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