The Castle | Book Review

The Castle by Franz Kafka

Published : 1926

My Edition : Published by Penguin Modern Classics

P.s. The book is one of Kafka not-yet-finished book, he died before it is finished.


The Story start with a Land Surveyor called K., who arrived a village for a land surveying job. The village itself is governed by a mysterious bureaucracy which live in the castle nearby. However, K. was being told later on that the village did not need a land surveyor in fact. The appointment of his job was a mistake in communication within different authority in the village. While K. was striving to seek a meeting with the castle contact called Klamm, he fell in love with a girl called Frieda. Then, the story mainly features K.’s journey to discover how the whole system of the Castle work and the how K’s social life differentiate throughout the whole journey.


There is a pile of characters in the book, but i will only discuss few who are most influential throughout the whole story.

Of course, K.. K. is a person that have a very strong will to found out the fact that he doubt about. He is a guy that never willing to compromise with the unfair bureaucracy system. He is a expressive and believable guy. I appreciate his perseverance to achieve what he believe to be right.

K’s fiance, Frieda. Frieda is a mysterious character in this book, I suspect her love toward K. at the very beginning. The thing she did in the story is quite weird and annoying. After all, all this bewildering things she did have a reason.

Arthur and Jeremiah who is the assistant’s of K. assigned by the Castle. These two guys are extremely annoying at the beginning of the story, they are very childish and pretty naive. They always disturb K. personal life. They just like the little CCTV to monitor what K is doing.

Overall comment:

This is not a very exciting book to read. Also the sentence structure of the book is quite complex, it is not a easy book to read. It takes time and concentration. But the idea it brings is huge, it reflects the anti-bureaucracy that Kafka hate. At the beginning of the book, I am a little bit annoyed by the pace of the book as the story developed quite slow, however, the ending is pretty surprising (of course, the book is not finished).

This book is good written, after I finish reading the book. I can totally experience the feeling of K..

Overall rating:



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