Dracula | Book Review

ImageDracula by Bram Stoker

Pages: 399

Publisher:  Barnes & Noble

First published: 1897

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The story begins with a solicitor called Jonathan Harker who travels to finalize the sale of an abbey in England to the Transylvanian noble Count Dracula. While his visit in the Castle of Dracula, he discovered something bewildering. After seeing quite a lot of weird incidents in the castle, he found that Count Dracula is a centuries-year-old vampire who feeds on blood and sleep by day while active at night. While Jonathan is venturing in the castle in Transylvania, his fiancee Mina also witnessed things that is very bizarre happening on her best friend, Lucy.

My thought:

The narrative style of Dracula is quite unique. The whole book is the collection of journals of the characters in the book. The story, therefore, is told by the journals which the characters recorded their memory throughout the story. It is the first time I read a book which is writing in this style. It really engrossed me a lot. The great thing of this kind of narrative style is that, the author can present the character to the reader quite comprehensively. Therefore, the characters in this book are superbly built up.

However, I think the author didn’t constructing the female characters as great as the male characters. The story is writing in the form of journal, which means that the author also need to write the journals of the female characters. But when I read the journals, to be honest, I can’t really distinguish whether it is the journal of a male of female.

About the characters, I really love Dr. Van Helsing. He is an intelligent guy who always have a thorough plan in his mind. He is analytical guy. Seeing how he analyze the mystery is an enjoyment. Really love him. Also, Quincey Morris is one of my favorite character in this book. He is a brave guy with a wise mind.

Despite of the tiny problem I mentioned, Dracula is a great book to read. The whole story is very very exciting. The plot is thrilling. You can’t really get bored by this book. The pace is optimal. The author really did a great job in controlling the tempo.

Why read it:

(1) Breathtaking plot

(2) Unique Narrative Style

(3) It is a classics, but you will read it swiftly.

(4) Realistic characters

Bad thing in this good book:

(1) Imperfect writing of female journal (very minor)

(2) Ending quite predicable (Of course, it is an old story :p)

5/5 stars. Definite read book !



So, today I’m joining DEWEY’S READ-A-THON which mean that I’ll be reading a lot in the next 24 hours 🙂 And I’ll update from time to time here what I’m reading 🙂

DEWEY’S READ-A-THON: http://24hourreadathon.com/

10p.m. start: Dracula by Bram Stocker p.275/397

12a.m. sleep: Dracula by Bram Stocker p.305/397

9 a.m. : Dracula by Bram Stocker p.322/397 ( a little bit off track, i will sprint to the finish line though :))

3 p.m. Finished Dracula. Start The Lifeboat by Charlotte Rogan.

Thankss for the support from all of you guys:)

Wishlist Wednesday #2

Wishlist Wednesday is a book blog hop where we will post about one book per week that has been on our wishlist for some time, or just added (it’s entirely up to you), that we can’t wait to get off the wishlist and onto our wonderful shelves.

Hosted by: Dani from Pen to Paper

The Humans

by Matt Haig


Synopsis(from Goodreads):Image

It’s hardest to belong when you’re closest to home…One wet Friday evening, Professor Andrew Martin of Cambridge University solves the world’s greatest mathematical riddle. Then he disappears. When he is found walking naked along the motorway, Professor Martin seems different. Besides the lack of clothes, he now finds normal life pointless. His loving wife and teenage son seem repulsive to him. In fact, he hates everyone on the planet. Everyone, that is, except Newton. And he’s a dog. Can a bit of Debussy and Emily Dickinson keep him from murder? Can the species which invented cheap white wine and peanut butter sandwiches be all that bad? And what is the warm feeling he gets when he looks into his wife’s eyes?

Why I want it ?

I heard about this book in Dani’s YouTube channel. I found it extremely interesting and the story background is just so appealing to me. Also, the compliment that Dani make on this make just make me even more eager to read this book. It is coming out on 9th May 2013, can’t wait !!

Wishlist Wednesday #1

Wishlist Wednesday is a book blog hop where we will post about one book per week that has been on our wishlist for some time, or just added (it’s entirely up to you), that we can’t wait to get off the wishlist and onto our wonderful shelves.

Hosted by: Dani from Pen to Paper

The Universe versus Alex Woods               

by Gavin Extence                        


Synopsis(from Goodreads):

A rare meteorite struck Alex Woods when he was ten years old, leaving scars and marking him for an extraordinary future. The son of a fortune teller, bookish, and an easy target for bullies, Alex hasn’t had the easiest childhood.
But when he meets curmudgeonly widower Mr. Peterson, he finds an unlikely friend. Someone who teaches him that that you only get one shot at life. That you have to make it count.
So when, aged seventeen, Alex is stopped at customs with 113 grams of marijuana, an urn full of ashes on the front seat, and an entire nation in uproar, he’s fairly sure he’s done the right thing …
Introducing a bright young voice destined to charm the world, The Universe Versus Alex Woods is a celebration of curious incidents, astronomy and astrology, the works of Kurt Vonnegut and the unexpected connections that form our world.

Why I want it:

I heard about it few weeks ago and I just want to read it very much. From Lorna (suddenlylorna), it’s a “giggle” book. And I love “giggle” book. This sounds really great, and I just wait for the us version to come out, because uk version is just too expensive to buy:P. Can’t wait !!

The Castle | Book Review

The Castle by Franz Kafka

Published : 1926

My Edition : Published by Penguin Modern Classics

P.s. The book is one of Kafka not-yet-finished book, he died before it is finished.


The Story start with a Land Surveyor called K., who arrived a village for a land surveying job. The village itself is governed by a mysterious bureaucracy which live in the castle nearby. However, K. was being told later on that the village did not need a land surveyor in fact. The appointment of his job was a mistake in communication within different authority in the village. While K. was striving to seek a meeting with the castle contact called Klamm, he fell in love with a girl called Frieda. Then, the story mainly features K.’s journey to discover how the whole system of the Castle work and the how K’s social life differentiate throughout the whole journey.


There is a pile of characters in the book, but i will only discuss few who are most influential throughout the whole story.

Of course, K.. K. is a person that have a very strong will to found out the fact that he doubt about. He is a guy that never willing to compromise with the unfair bureaucracy system. He is a expressive and believable guy. I appreciate his perseverance to achieve what he believe to be right.

K’s fiance, Frieda. Frieda is a mysterious character in this book, I suspect her love toward K. at the very beginning. The thing she did in the story is quite weird and annoying. After all, all this bewildering things she did have a reason.

Arthur and Jeremiah who is the assistant’s of K. assigned by the Castle. These two guys are extremely annoying at the beginning of the story, they are very childish and pretty naive. They always disturb K. personal life. They just like the little CCTV to monitor what K is doing.

Overall comment:

This is not a very exciting book to read. Also the sentence structure of the book is quite complex, it is not a easy book to read. It takes time and concentration. But the idea it brings is huge, it reflects the anti-bureaucracy that Kafka hate. At the beginning of the book, I am a little bit annoyed by the pace of the book as the story developed quite slow, however, the ending is pretty surprising (of course, the book is not finished).

This book is good written, after I finish reading the book. I can totally experience the feeling of K..

Overall rating:


The Great Gatsby | Book Review

This is my first book review on this blog 🙂 Hope you enjoy.

The Great Gatsby  by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Published in 1925


This book started with the main character, Nick Carraway who had a affluent neighbor called Jay Gatsby. When Nick knew more about Gatsby, he found that Gatsby held party frequently, but the interesting point is that, Gatsby seldom join the party. Later, Nick discovered that Gatsby is trying to get his ex-girlfriend, Daisy back. But this is quite a impossible mission to accomplish since Daisy was married to Tom Buchanan. Of course, when Gatsby was trying to get back Daisy, he had a lot of conflicts with Tom. Later in the story, something shocking happened and led to a tragic ending.


Nick Carraway: The only character I liked in the story. Believable. Caring. Real friend of Gatsby.

Jay Gatsby: Naive guy, try to “buy” the love from Daisy with the things he have. Reminds me of Pat Peoples in Silver Lining Playbook. Tragic character.

Daisy Buchanan and Tom Buchanan: Horrible characters. Hate them.

Special Points to mention:

Hypocritical materialism – I think this term simply summarize the whole story. This is the approach  which Gatsby try to win back Daisy’s love. The writer implemented this ideology to this story, to reflect the real life situation.

I love this book very much. It is beautifully written. The pace of the story is flawless. Very comfortable to read.

5/5 stars.